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Once you see our dogs you can
see why one is never enough!

Who we are

Our home, otherwise known as Relentless Ranch (having a ranch has been a dream of ours for over forty years) is located in Basalt outside of Aspen, Colorado at the base of magnificent Mount Sopris, in the Northwestern Elk Mountain range of the Rocky Mountains. We live on the property full time, and it is a perfect spot for Bernese Mountain Dogs, with plenty of streams, ponds and pastures to run in and explore. A place where true Bernese Mountain Dogs belong!

The Relentless Ranch Bernese Mountain Dogs love the mountains but also love competing at the AKC confirmation shoes in the Western United States. From living in the mountains their coats are especially thick and shiny, and their bodies are strong and muscled. As one judge said at the show, "That Bernese Mountain Dog could pull my milk carts all day long."


Relentless Ranch dogs love playing in the mountains or roaming the ranch, but all are house dogs, usually underfoot or trying to climb into your lap, and are great companions and need to be next to you whenever possible.

The puppies get complete genetic testing to insure their good health and all are covered with health insurance along with required shots, microchips, etc. before they go to their new homes. All new owners are required to send me pictures and keep in contact.

Learn about all the dogs we have raised at Berner Garde. Once you arrive click people then add Oliver as the last name and Catherine as the first and click search.

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Since 2003 we have focused on showing and training Bernese Mountain Dogs. We currently have 11 adult Bernese Mountain Dogs with 4 boys and 7 girls. We are fortunate to have 5 Grand Champions and 5 Champions in our bloodline.

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