Week 4: If you’re not the lead dog the view is always the same…

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With their senses and coordination beginning to develop, is it always interesting to see who can be the first to escape the box (“whelping box”). The girls (Royal/Regal) have the edge being a little bigger than the boys (Roosevelt/Rutherford) and are clearly the adventurous, eager to explore the great unknown, while the boys are a little more tentative. Tail-wager (Royal) …


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Puppies get to stretch their legs through the backyard, around the gazebo and through the bushes and trees. They get to play tug of war with leaves and sticks and each other! The joy of being a puppy and playing tag with your big family of brothers and sisters. So much fun watching them grow up and explore!  

Week 6 – The Joys of Being a Puppy!

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Sasha puppies are getting their personalities and learning the joys of being a puppy with a large family and someone always to play chase with. They have learned about all the secret hiding places in the yard and how to hide and pounce on each other or a leaf or a twig. Nothing cuter than seeing a puppy pounce on …

Day 18 – Growing Quickly!

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Sasha’s puppies are growing quickly. Day 18! These puppies are getting big! Sooo cute! We love spending all day playing with them. Ranger-boy Rapunzel-girl Rattler-boy Razor-boy Rebel-boy Ria-girl Romero-boy Rory-girl Roscoe-boy Rumor-girl Ryder-boy

Week 6 – Puppy Palace

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We introduced the puppies to the “Puppy Palace” with complimentary puppy toys, live country music, shaded awning and gravel to strengthen the puppy toes. The girls are beginning to assert themselves, Reba is our energizer bunny running laps and bucking anytime she is let loose. Razzle likes to tell the puppies what to do, but I’m not sure any of …

Week 5- Coming out!

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Week 5 has proved to be the coming out party (literally). With a break in the weather the puppies were introduced to their new outdoor play area…a “Tiny Tike” castle with lots of places to hide in! It is amazing to see the change in the puppies including the fluffy fur coats. Their personalities, cognitive skills are developing so quickly. …

Week 4 – Moving Up!

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Hard to believe they are already a month old. They have moved up to kibbles and are past the real messy stage. A few fall asleep with their head in the food dish still. I don’t mind if they do… another puppy will always come along and clean them up along with mama Reka. The puppies this week have moved …

Week 3 – Hopping & Spinning

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The puppies are officially getting their sea legs under them and we’ve opened up a little play area to help them stretch their legs. Some of the puppies are learning the patented “hop and spin” move. The puppy with the best spin move is Reba (green), she can hop and spin on a dime. We also have a few coddlers’ …

Week 2 Wild and Chatty!

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The puppies are officially two weeks old and thriving. Blue (Raging “bull”) is the big guy and a looker with his easy going disposition. The big girl Green (Reba) was our first official escapee, crawling out of the whelping box first…go girl! She is giving Blue a run for his money with both topping out over 5 lbs. With 6 …

Update: Countdown to New Puppies 2017!

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Countdown till the new puppies are born at the end of January 2017. Everyone is hanging out in the whelping box. Rufus, Rhett, Reka (the one laying down and the one who is expecting) and Sasha. What a surprise they are in for when they see a new family of newborn puppies in the box!  We are all so excited!