Week 5- Coming out!

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Week 5 has proved to be the coming out party (literally). With a break in the weather the puppies were introduced to their new outdoor play area…a “Tiny Tike” castle with lots of places to hide in! It is amazing to see the change in the puppies including the fluffy fur coats. Their personalities, cognitive skills are developing so quickly. The big guy Bull is developing into quite a specimen with his strong laid back demeanor. Rocky is also starting to blossom and his new nick name is “bigfoot”. He has the largest paws of the pack. You know what they say about big paws…big dog:) The girls are starting to get a little more aggressive and clearly trying to establish the pecking order within the whelping box…sounds like our house. Reba likes to throw her weight around and even tries to jump out of box…unsuccessfully. She is clearly the athlete of the group. Next in line is Raquel, she loves to play queen of the stool and takes on all comers. Ruffles still relies on her good looks and runs in circles around the others.  The sleeper is River, she is developing quite a figure and is giving Ruffles a run for her money and has the personality to boot. The biggest weight gainer this week among the girls is Rue…I understand Momma 2 is slipping her an extra baba (bottle) after dinner…it’s working. last but not least is Razzle, she never misses a puppy brawl and is quite the tom boy.

Such a fun bunch of puppy babies… they are growing up way too quickly…. makes me happy and so sad…. love them so!

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