The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large, strong, sturdy, agile dog that was originally bred for draft work and can be trained to pull a cart or wagon. Bernese are striking, tri-colored, large dogs. They are intelligent, strong, and agile enough to do the draft and droving work for which they were used. Measured at the withers, males should be 25 to 27 1/2 inches and females 23 to 26 inches. Perperly structured males generally weigh 90-120 pounds and females 75-105 pounds. These cheerful dogs love children. They are very intelligent, easy to train and are natural watchdogs, but not overly dominant. A Bernese Mountain Dog will be your friend for life. Self-confident, alert and good-natured, be sure to socialize well as a puppy. These dogs are slow to mature, acting like puppies longer than other breeds. They are rather friendly with strangers, and are great with other pets and dogs. The Bernese needs to be with people and not confined to the backyard or a kennel. These dogs are sensitive and should be trained firmly, but gently.
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