Week 4: If you’re not the lead dog the view is always the same…

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With their senses and coordination beginning to develop, is it always interesting to see who can be the first to escape the box (“whelping box”). The girls (Royal/Regal) have the edge being a little bigger than the boys (Roosevelt/Rutherford) and are clearly the adventurous, eager to explore the great unknown, while the boys are a little more tentative.

Tail-wager (Royal) is the biggest girl who likes to throw her weight around and was the first one to escape the box on her own. Although, the first also is the first to achieve a head plant upon landing on the outside as well…

Regal tried but is a little too chubby to clear it on her own. Rooster (“Roosevelt”), is the talker, and I couldn’t tell if he was cheering Tail-wager on or trying to tell on her. Mack (“Rutherford”) clearly made the decision to stay put, hoping mom would soon return to the box for a mealtime that he didn’t want to miss. The good news, Tail-wager survived the fall and the other were cheering in the box…yelling find mom it’s time for lunch!

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  1. Thanks to your son for the BEST videos ever and to you!…makes my husband and my heart flutter. We live in Kansas and have 3 Berners of our own…Abby, 7yr/ 115lb..Dasher, 5yr/140lb…and Rosie, 3yr/100lb. Keep up the beautiful work…we can’t wait for next update on your clan

  2. Hi! We are looking to add a Bernese to our family, and were wondering if you had any available puppies or if you are planning any (near) future litters?

    Thank you!

  3. Hi! Just wanted to see how much the puppies cost? Looking for one in the near future for our family and I love the way you raise them on the farm!

  4. Hope to make it to the Estes Park nationals with my guy Basel. Not showing in these weird times, hope to be working with Stacy Slade next year to train him to show. Kinda late, he is 3. Basel, he’s kind and brave. Out of Deni and Margi, Mtn Tops Bernese and Sugarfoots. I am in Bernergarde.

    Do you supply the Gorsuch family with their Berners?

  5. I’ve been watching Bernese Mountain Dogs on YouTube for a couple of months now. Before that, I wasn’t even familiar with the breed. My son has been wanting a good family dog, but none of us like small dogs. We’d like to have a gentle giant, a protector and a great family pet that the girls can enjoy while they grow up. And yet, as sad and unkind as it may sound, we don’t need a dog that is still around when they go off to college or marry and move out! I know Bereners don’t have a long life-span like smaller dogs and other dog breeds. It’s always hard to lose a family member as we know all too well. We’ve both, my son, his family our my family have always had cats and a few dogs in between. But when your daughters ask for a puppy there’s a lot to be considered. I am selling my home here in Utah and my son, his family and I are joining homes. He lives in Newport, OR. So we plan to buy a home on 4-5 acres, together in Oregon Somewhere. We’ve been looking and the options are good so far.
    I can’t handle the hot summers here in Utah any more. And I wouldn’t put a Berner through one either! (It’s 104° here today!)

    I love how you raise your dogs. The way you take such special care when they’re giving birth, to the constant love they receive from day 1 to the day they go to their forever homes.
    I have researched different breeders, and of course not only good bloodlines matter but location of the breeder matters to me, as I’ll be the person investing in, and retrieving the puppy. I’m now in Sandy, UT, a suburb of Salt Lake.
    Your Ranch and your Dogs are beautiful. I’ll be in touch moving forward. Thank You for sharing videos of your beautiful dogs and puppies. It brings such joy to my life just watching them. 💖

  6. Would like to know about up comming puppies. Very interested in going to specialities. Or any upcoming shows in colorado. I live in Montrose colorado. Very much interested in the breed. Would like to come visit your place see in person your kennel set up. I don’t have 2500 acres lol but live at 8000 feet with 40 acres dog fenced completely. I have one burmese mountain dog akc. 4 great pyrenees.

  7. I have always been a large dog owner. We presently have Great Pyrenees, our boy (Mac) is 11 and our girl (Gwen) is 7. They came to us as adopted rescued dogs and we fostered others for several years.

    Our interest in Bernese goes back many years (20 or so) but were unable to find what we were looking for. So we took in two Canadian Eskimo dogs. After they passed, we adopted the Pyrs.

    Given the age of our Pyrs, especially Mac, I want to plan for when he passes.

    I came across your YouTube videos and was impressed with how much time and effort you put into the puppies to prepare them for adoption. So hopefully when the time is right you will consider adopting to my wife and me.

  8. Hello. We have been watching your You tube channel and absolutely love your dogs and the care you take with them. We have 2 girls Sophie and Daisy Mea and are absolutely in love with them. Can’t explain the love affair my wife and I have with them, lol. We were wondering if you have ever had a family in Canada purchase a puppy. Not sure what the process is or if its too much of a hassle to do . We would like another family member in late 2022 and we love your dogs. Boy or girl we don’t care, lol. We would love to breed our girls but we think that should be left to the professionals and my fear is we would keep them all, lol. If we were interested in a dog would it be feasible to have one sent to Canada? Thanks for the joy from you videos .

    Shawn And Ivy Blondin

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