Week 3 – Hopping & Spinning

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The puppies are officially getting their sea legs under them and we’ve opened up a little play area to help them stretch their legs. Some of the puppies are learning the patented “hop and spin” move. The puppy with the best spin move is Reba (green), she can hop and spin on a dime. We also have a few coddlers’ beginning to emerge. Both Razzle (Berry) and Rue (pink) win this award and love to fall asleep in your arms. There is nothing cuter than seeing the head slowly angle down as they totally relax and fall into a deep slumber in your arms.   Raging Bull (Blue), our gentle giant, continues to lead the weekly weigh-ins topping the scale at 7 lbs. and 6 oz. Rocky (black) wins the “stuffed animal” award. His fuzzy little expressions look like a little stuffed animal that you just want to squeeze. Ruffles (peach) this week is our little runway model with the attitude to go with it. River (gold) and Raquel (yellow) are our healthy eaters and not worried about their puppy figures. They all have the prettiest faces and are the sweetest puppies. So proud of Reka for being a Super-Mom and for Moose being the kind understanding father.

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