Week 2 Wild and Chatty!

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The puppies are officially two weeks old and thriving. Blue (Raging “bull”) is the big guy and a looker with his easy going disposition. The big girl Green (Reba) was our first official escapee, crawling out of the whelping box first…go girl! She is giving Blue a run for his money with both topping out over 5 lbs. With 6 girls and 2 boys you can imagine they are quite a chatty group with plenty to talk about. Berry (Razzle Dazzle) has the cutest face and can actually fall asleep while burping, I can only hope. Our little Rue (Queenie) is the feisty one and will fight off the bigger ones to secure a spot at the milk bar come feeding time. BTW, the “queenie” nick name is from the cute little black heart on her tummy…she is our “queen” of hearts. Black or as he is affectionately named Rocky is Mr. Mello and a splitting image of his dad. Yellow (Rachel) comes by her name honesty, she is hot and looks like a runaway model. Peach (Ruffles) is so sweet she melts in your hands and then there is Yellow (River) and can she eat, not a cheap date and she is catching up to both Reba and Raging bull. What a lively group of babies and a mom, Reka who loves them to pieces!



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