Week 6 – Puppy Palace

Catherine Oliver Puppies Leave a Comment

We introduced the puppies to the “Puppy Palace” with complimentary puppy toys, live country music, shaded awning and gravel to strengthen the puppy toes. The girls are beginning to assert themselves, Reba is our energizer bunny running laps and bucking anytime she is let loose. Razzle likes to tell the puppies what to do, but I’m not sure any of them listen. River is emerging as our shy unassuming princess while Raquel is our puppy bull dozer never shying away from a collision. Rocky is learning how to handle the girls, he simply pulls their tails and runs. Bull thinks he is a stud and will get in the middle of everyone just because he can. Ruffles is the hopper and jumps all over the place and always has such a pure smile on her face with her dark eyes and black nose. And then there is our little Rue, she still likes her baba at night and being held before bedtime and gets along with everyone. Their personalities are sure emerging as they grow. Such a nice sweet litter.


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