Week 4 – Moving Up!

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Hard to believe they are already a month old. They have moved up to kibbles and are past the real messy stage. A few fall asleep with their head in the food dish still. I don’t mind if they do… another puppy will always come along and clean them up along with mama Reka. The puppies this week have moved into bigger living quarters and moved into the living room. They are now in a 6 by 6-foot whelping box with a larger play area and new toys. Their new favorite is a baby Einstein “Rhythm of the Reef” play gym. Raquel, River and Razzle get underneath it and play with it until the music gets going and when it does it’s like musical chairs and another couple replace them on the gym mat. They have now also have become “free range” puppies and we let them run free through the family room. Reba will get on the bed stand in the box and howl till she gets out and then the others follow waiting their turn to escape. Once they experience running free they expect to do it a couple of times a day and need no encouragement to run wild and play hide and seek around the furniture. Ruffles has been the high stepper this week and has Rue right behind her. They are precious! Rocky has learned to grab on to his sister’s tails and hold on for the ride. He feels so cool that he figured that out. He loves to shake them too! Bull being the big and mellow boy has learned that wrestling his stuffed toys don’t bite back. He has to always finds one late at night before he falls asleep. They now pick up their toys and shake them until they fall over. It must make them dizzy! They are all using the wee-wee pads and are getting pretty good at it. Some think there is a “2-foot rule” and have their front feet on the mat but their back feet off. Something to work on for next week….


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