Week 6 Puppies Gone Wild

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This week we introduced the puppies to the great outdoors. Helping them to start stretching those little legs. Its clear they prefer the dirt, sticks and leaves to the fancy toys. They’ve enjoyed exploring the unknown and trying to wedge their little bodies into the smallest spaces.

Ragnar and Rhett are head to head in the super heavy weight class topping the scales at 15 lbs and 10 oz.. All the puppies gained over 2 1/2 pounds this week with Rosa bringing up the rear at 13 pounds. But don’t count her out, she is by far the most active. The girls are clearly the rowdiest and are loaded with energy. The boys would sit down and chew…sound familiar. We’ve taken socializing to a new level, and now watch the Olympics together. They really enjoy the fast sports (alpine skiing, speed skating) and music events on the ice…although they do get a little bored with curling. It must be carrying over, they were practicing a 5 way tug-of-war with a rope toy all week hoping for their shot at the puppy summer games.

The best news is they are sleeping through the night…no more 4am feedings.

Until next week…enjoy the playful backyard photos.


IMG_4672 IMG_4662 IMG_4650 IMG_4645 Litter_35_021614 Litter_31_021614 Litter_30_021614 Litter_16_021614 Litter_13_021614 Litter_8_021814 Litter_5_021614 Litter_2_021614

Puppy Weight Chart

Puppy Weight Chart

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