week 4 and feeling good…ruff!

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We’ve outgrown the bedroom and moved into the living room and added a play area. All the puppies have graduated from the bottle to the bowl, which is a big time saver. Big red (Rhett) crossed the 10 lb barrier and green won the “heffer” award, gaining 3 lbs this week.  Blue is the athlete and was the first to climb out of the whelping box…head plant included. Pink is the fiesty one and loves to wrestle. Yellow loves her toys, especially the tiger. Purple loves her baths and getting fluffed. Black loves to be held and play tug of war. White is teething and prefers your toes. They all like to wrestle, especially late at night. One will attack another and it is a full on puppy brawl…. PWF (puppy wrestling federation).

For all those February birthdays, a big happy b-day from the pups!IMG_4248 week#4_13 IMG_1888 IMG_1878

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