Week 5 puppy (boogie) nights

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The puppies are now finding their lungs, little howls, little growls, and barks. We decided to name the first keeping momma Ruby’s theme, so they needed to start with an “R” like Ruby and after the stud’s Beowulf Norwegian Heritage. Little pink registered name is  Relentless “Rosa” Rules…we just couldn’t resist her pink collar and Rosa combo. Purple, our cuddlier is name Relentless “Reka” Rules. Reka means “soft and tender” and it definitely fit her personality. Red (aka Big Red) is named Relentless “Rhett” Rules. Rhett just seemed classier than Red what can I say. Yellow is named Relentless “Runa” Rules, meaning “secret lore”. Black is named Relentless “Ragnar” Rules. Ragnar was my favorite character in the Vikings TV series and Black can definitely be a future leader of armies. Our big girl White, is named Relentless “Rona” Rules, meaning “mighty and powerful”. A perfect fit for the big girl. Blue, our gentle giant, is named Relentless “Rasmus” Rules, meaning” beloved” And last but not least, Green, his name is Relentless “Rhoar” Rules named after the ancient Scandinivia King.King HRoar .Green loves to talk and roar seemed a great fit.

All the puppies had a great week, all increasing their weight nearly 2 and half pounds and all seem to be doing well with the “potty training”.The biggest gain came from Runa who put on a whopping 3 lbs and 7 oz. What can i say, girls rule and guy puppies drool:)

Until next week all you puppy lovers!

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